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Bouncing dry humour and tear-jerking moments off each other at the snap of your fingers is just pure talent that deserves recognition by the masses. It’s live entertainment at its best.

Demon Media


Oozing creativity, this is a mature and extraordinary show.
See it. It will not disappoint.

The Phoenix Remix

The story develops with extraordinary deftness as they effortlessly weave a wider world around them. This is live theatre taken to a whole new level.

Sheffield Review

Surpassed all expectations, a show that was genuinely funny whilst delivering real emotional depth and audience connection. I came away marvelling at the talent.

Broadway Baby

Remarkably sincere and authentic. There were laughs (a lot of them) contained within a serious, moving drama.

Three Weeks Edinburgh

As an artform, this is very difficult. Keen and Thorn manage it with panache, sharing excellent chemistry onstage.

The Wee Review

A masterful demonstration of creativity on the spot. This is inspired innovation—don’t miss it.

Buxton Fringe

The improvisational skills of the performers are considerable, but what makes Sex, Lies & Improvisation such a success is their ability as storytellers. This is not just an exercise in cold technique but the development of a compelling story.

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